Kiran Nijjar | Mediabeard

Kiran Nijjar

Kiran is a newcomer to the digital marketing world and is eager to widen her knowledge and develop her skills at Media Beard as an Apprentice as she works and learns.

Volunteering at a business conference in November 2014 was where the interest in digital marketing sparked as professionals within the field shared the importance of businesses having a social media presence. From here, she took a keen interest and to enhance her knowledge of digital marketing, Kiran joined Media Beard for work experience in February 2015 where she was able to decide that a career within digital marketing was the one for her.


Kiran’s first job working part time in a business allowed her to gain a deep knowledge of marketing, and specifically understanding email­marketing. She was able to implement her newly gained knowledge of marketing as she entered Young Enterprise as a Marketing Director in 2013­-2014 during Sixth Form.

Kiran recognises the importance of businesses building a social media presence in order to help develop brand identity, and has an understanding of the different social media platforms used to achieve this. At work experience, Kiran became familiar with client management, content creation, strategy, brand voice development and received social platform training.


Kiran is from Leamington Spa, but also regards the Punjab as her second home as she often visits with her family. Her music library is dominated by dance, house and drum and bass, although she does love listening to many different genres! Binge watching YouTube videos is more her thing than television, but when she is in­ front of the tele, you’ll find Come Dine With Me, Saved By The Bell reruns, or Friends on the screen. She also enjoys to bake, go for long bike rides, or have a nice chill out in coffee shops!