Lizzie Fitzgerald | Mediabeard

Lizzie Fitzgerald

Lizzie is fairly new to the digital marketing world but having assisted in a marketing department in her previous job role she is eager to deepen her knowledge within the digital marketing space at Media Beard. Lizzie has managed personal blogs and social media platforms and is looking to develop her writing and interpersonal skills within a professional environment. Lizzie has a keen eye for creating visually engaging content geared toward enhancing varied brand concepts.


Lizzie has experience in e-commerce, social media and visual communications and originally started within a professional environment to gain specific experience within creative development. Having studied photography and fashion, Lizzie started honing her skills down to visual communication and concepts; ranging from image composition to garment design and pattern cutting.


Lizzie lives in Leamington Spa with her little dog Pixel. Other than raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Lizzies favourite things include snowboarding, long walks with her Pixel (always with a camera in tow!), copious amounts of tea, cooking from scratch, sewing, road-trips and dancing on the weekends until the lights come up.