Sarah Broadfield | Mediabeard

Sarah Broadfield

Sarah chose to enter the Digital Marketing world after studying journalism and, after gathering experience in marketing in previous roles, she is keen to continue developing her skills at Media Beard. Sarah has managed both professional and personal social media platforms and has a keen eye for creating visually engaging content geared toward enhancing varied brand concepts.


Sarah has experience in social media and communications and originally started within a journalistic environment which helped her to develop creatively. She understands how important social media development is to a brand/business and has a deep knowledge of the major social media platforms. She also has video production, photoshop and web design skills.


Sarah is from Solihull and is a Netflix binging, animal loving, travel bug. She loves attending gigs and festivals and has inter-railed around Europe twice. She can’t walk past a pooch without giving it some attention and has an unhealthy obsession with American, trashy teen shows. Whilst Sarah loves to keep busy, she also enjoys the finer things in life whether it means indulging in a chocolate-filled dessert or relaxing in the sunshine in good company.