Meet our Work Experience Beard - Alice

Say Hello To Our Eighth Intern, Alice!

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Hello, my name is Alice Walker-Gibbons and I’m currently a Sixth Form student studying Media, English Language, ICT and Businesses Studies. I’ve had an interest in Marketing since I started my A-Levels and wanted to explore the industry more which is the reason why I approached Media Beard!

I arrived at the office on Monday morning and was introduced to the Media Beard team, as well as to Imaginate Creative who share the office with Media Beard.

On the first day, Sarah and Kiran ran through what Media Beard do and the clients they’re currently working with. I instantly felt comfortable as the work space, Media Beard and Imaginate Creative were very friendly!

Throughout my week, I was given an insight into Sarah and Kiran’s day-to-day role which I found interesting. I was set with many tasks such as content creation, brand voice development and social platform training. I was encouraged to be as creative as possible and to think ‘outside the box’ as working within this industry requires a creative mind in order to develop unique and imaginative social media campaigns. I really enjoyed the creativity involved in social media marketing, and found generating content ideas for clients especially fun!

Sarah and Kiran encouraged me to write a blog post which was something I hadn’t done before and I was pleased they had as I found it quite enjoyable. Along with Eleanor, who was also here for work experience, we wrote our first blog – The Future of Snapchat. I really enjoyed writing this blog, especially since Eleanor and I had different opinions on the future of Snapchat. Later on in the week, I practised writing a blog post on my own which was very rewarding when reading the final piece.

Overall, I really loved my week at Media Beard and I’m grateful for Sarah and Kiran teaching me new skills within Digital Marketing! I look to go to University to study Marketing so I will really value what I learnt during my week. Thank you to Sarah and Kiran for letting me become a beard for a week!

From The Beards: “It was a pleasure to have Alice join our team for the week. It was great to see Alice develop her knowledge and understanding of social media marketing, and to see her demonstrate it through a number of tasks such as content creation and brand voice development. Alice had a very positive attitude and was open to new challenges, such as blog writing, throughout the week. We would love to welcome her back if she ever wished to return!”