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Guest Fuzz: What does the future hold for Snapchat?

This week, we are lucky enough to have two wonderful ladies with us for work experience. Alice and Eleanor are here the week to explore and discover whether a career in Digital Marketing is for them.

As a younger demographic who are using social media in a different way, we were keen to hear their thoughts on the future of Snapchat so here it is!


Since starting in 2011, Snapchat has grown increasingly with an average of 9,000 snaps sent per second.

Currently there is no option to make in app purchases, however could this be a feature that is soon to arrive? Many of the other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are already promoting goods from big brands and names, giving users the option to purchase straight from the platform and the big question is, are you for or against?

Many users of Snapchat enjoy the non–existent adverts and promotions as it allows the app to be a social place, not a market place. Social media sites, such as Facebook, are becoming less popular with younger audiences and one reasons being the increased amounts of ads and promotions on there – which younger people are arguably not interested in. They distract the audience and get in the way of communication which initially was the main purpose of the site. If Snapchat adopted a new feature which enables companies to promote and sell their goods on the app, although attracting a new audience, we are concerned it decrease the number of users as it would no longer be that fun, casual place to chat with friends that the younger demographic are adopting today.

However it is debated that the change to Snapchat having advertisements would be widely beneficial for the company. By introducing advertising, conglomerate businesses will be very likely to thrive upon the popularity of Snapchat and its mass number of users. Knowing just how many users there are, in-app purchases on such a successful application has the potential to attract lots of money from businesses competing to feature as an ad on the app. Another potential success is the attraction of new users. A target audience, both older and younger, may like the idea of previewing upcoming or trending products that they may have an interest in or potentially want to buy. Users may feel more obliged to use the app if they have another purpose to do so instead of just messaging. This suggests the potential success that may arise for Snapchat if they were to introduce the in app purchase feature – among the crazy filters of course.

Evidently, Snapchat has grown and expanded as time has gone on, so what’s in store for the future? It’s likely that Snapchat will develop this feature, even though they have said they won’t. Obviously, these social media sites only become more successful through following trends and responding to what their audience want. The aim is to attract more and more users of all age groups to have the best and biggest user numbers. So, only time will tell as to what Snapchat decide to do… Our predictions have been made!

Alice & Eleanor x