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What does it take to nail Content Marketing?


We’re sure everyone is aware of the general rule for Content Marketing; fresh, dynamic and valuable content which effectively conveys a brand voice will engage an audience.

However, this vague rule leaves many questioning what does it really take to engage an audience with content?

Firstly, it is important to keep who you’re writing content for in mind.

When producing content, it’s key to understand that you’re not only writing to a collective – your audience – but to an individual. The recipient of your content is an individual; they have feelings, thoughts, opinions. Therefore, make your content valuable to each individual and think about how each individual will view your brand from the content you produce. At first glance of the page, they will have an impression. By keeping this in mind, it will encourage you to write content which is relatable to not only your brand, but also your audience on a personal scale as you’ll be wanting engage each individual which makes up your audience.

Secondly, understand your options and consider how and where you can distribute your content.

It is easy to assume content is all words, however content goes beyond this. There a variety of ways in which content can be creatively produced. For example; video content, photography, illustrations and info-graphics. Furthermore, it is important to understand the number of platforms where content can be distributed; a web-page, social media platforms, a blog. Though much of the content found on these platforms is text based, it is important to remember that each platform is different which affects the way in which content is produced for your audience. For example, the content of a tweet differs to blog copy or even to a Facebook post. Therefore when writing content, consider where you will you be distributing your content, and how it can be done creatively to, one, engaged your audience and two, suit the platform.

Thirdly, create a seamless experience for your audience; don’t make your content a sales pitch.

By producing content which constantly pushes for sales and visit to a web-page, it is more likely to discourage your audience. Your audience will prefer to feel in control of their decision to make a purchase or to visit your website; they do not want to feel obliged or forced to. Therefore, it is important for your content to be authentic, creative and engaging for your audience to want to visit your website or buy into your product or service. Your audience will more likely relate to content and find it more valuable, and therefore be able to make their decision to make a purchase or visit your website; convince your audience with your content.

Lastly, it takes organisation.

It is important to have structure and to be aware of when and where you’ll be posting content. So, how? Just as you organise your own time with a calendar, you can adopt the same method for your content. By creating a “content calendar” whether weekly or monthly, this will help you to stay on top of the production and distribution of content. It will also ensure you have a good balance of where you’re posting your content. For example, by looking at the calendar you will be able to identify if you aren’t posting as much on social media as you could, or for blogs. Organising the production and distribution of your content will to help to give you a clearer mind, and therefore structure to your content.

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