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Alvis Car Company

The Alvis Car Company is a well established British manufacturing company with almost 100 years of heritage. The Alvis Car Company has now resumed production of their famous Alvis 4.3 Litre model, 75 years after it had been produced, and have kept faithful to the original works drawings of the model. The Alvis Car Company work alongside their sister company Red Triangle – a restoration company specifically for Alvis vehicles.

Alvis Car Company were looking to venture into Social Media Marketing and to increase brand awareness through multiple Social Media platforms. With the company being established for almost 100 years, there was no doubt that Alvis had already built up a strong fan base and thus the use of Social Media was also to engage with their community of advocates and enthusiasts.

Media Beard had taken these goals into consideration and created, developed and are continuing to execute a Social Media Strategy for the car company which involves setting up, optimising and managing the Social Media platform Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram, Content Creation, Interaction With Inbound Enquiries and Community Building and Engagement.

We were also able to assist Alvis in developing their SEO strategy as we optimised their web page with relevant keywords in order to achieve their goals of increasing awareness. We are also in the procress of launching the Alvis Car Company newsletter.