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Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is a Caribbean chain of restaurants throughout the UK. They aim to capture the Caribbean island vibe by serving up exceptional, authentic dishes in an environment inspired by the love of laid-back living.

In January 2014, we were asked to assist our partner, Newsline-PR, with the opening of the Leamington Spa branch for Turtle Bay.

The brief required using Digital Marketing to gain local notoriety and exposure within Warwickshire and the surrounding areas prior to opening, gaining momentum for the VIP launch night in March, managing the guestlist and inviting key people to encourage relevant reviews and encouraging guests to use social media on the night to increase awareness of the opening for future guests. We also worked with Newsline-PR on managing the door on the night to ensure the event ran smoothly, well-organised and ran smoothly.

Turtle Bay were incredibly happy with the collaboration of PR and Digital Marketing as they received fantastic feedback from guests who attended the night stating it was the party of the year for Leamington Spa.